Fans Think Taylor Swift Will Be In “Grey’s Anatomy” Season Finale

The season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” airs tomorrow on ABC, and some Taylor Swift fans think she’s going to make an appearance in it. As for why, it seems a Swiftie caught that Taylor’s name was included in the IMDB cast and crew list for the show’s upcoming episode, titled “Out for Blood.”

The drama hasn’t confirmed the news, and the IMDB page with the Swift reference is gone, but interestingly does include The Muppets’ Miss Piggy. Fans will now have to tune into the two-hour episode tomorrow to find out if she's really in it. 

Of course, Taylor is a well-known “Grey’s Anatomy” fan. She even named one of her cats Meredith after Ellen Pompeo’s lead character, Meredith Grey.

Source: iHeart

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