Folks Changed Their Name To “Salmon”, Now They Can’t Change It Back

Baked Salmon

Photo: Getty Images

Quite a few sushi fans in Taiwan legally changed their name to include the characters for the word ‘salmon’, as part of a restaurant promotional stunt. Now they're stuck with their new name.

In March of last year, international news outlets covered the bizarre promotion of a Taiwanese restaurant chain Sushiro. The chain offered sushi at discounted prices or totally free to people who legally changed their names to include the characters for ‘salmon’. The offer sent hundreds of people into a frenzy, with over 330 of them actually going through with the legal name change, despite the efforts of employees at Household Registration Offices to talk them out of it. While most managed to switch back to their old names days after taking advantage of the promotion, some have been stuck with hilarious names like ‘Handsom Salmon’, ‘Dancing Salmon’ or ‘Salmon Dream’.  Why? Well, apparently a lot of these people have changed their names before and Taiwan’s law only allows people three name changes.

Link: Oddity Central

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