Woman Donates Her Kidney To Husband’s Ex-Wife

Reminder of the importance of being an organ donor

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An Arkansas woman donates her kidney to save the life of her husband’s ex-wife.  Jennifer Shane has had a rough few years. She was divorced from her husband, Dennis Payne, and he remarried and then their adult son, Brad, died. She contracted COVID-19 and her kidneys failed. Then while she was in the hospital, her sister died. She had to go on dialysis and was placed on the list to receive a new kidney after all of her biological family failed to be a match.

But then an unlikely donor stepped forward and turned out to be an excellent candidate: her ex-husband’s new wife, Capri Payne. The idea of donating her kidney to her husband’s ex was an easy decision for Capri. She had a dream about it and said God “laid it on [her] heart” to do the good deed.

Although Jennifer and Capri’s relationship wasn’t always great, after Brad’s death they bonded in their grief. And over time, Jennifer grew to respect Capri’s commitment to their family and community and her devotion to her faith. “She’s been there through a great deal,” Jennifer says of Capri. “She gave me a chance for a better life.”

Source: KAIT 8

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