Tom Cruise Didn’t Want To Make A “Top Gun” Sequel

“Top Gun: Maverick” director Joseph Kosinski says he had just 30 minutes to convince Tom Cruise to star in the movie and found out that Cruise didn’t want to make a sequel to “Top Gun.” The director told Polygon that he and Jerry Bruckheimer flew to Paris, where Cruise was shooting “Mission: Impossible,” and got to talk to him between scene setups.

Kosinski says, “I basically had 30 minutes to pitch this film, but when I got there, I found that Tom really didn’t want to make another ‘Top Gun’.” After the pitch, though, he says Cruise grabbed his phone, called the head of Paramount Pictures, and said “We’re making another ‘Top Gun’.”

It seems to have been the right call; the movie has a worldwide box office total of almost a quarter of a billion dollars after its opening weekend through Sunday.

Source: Polygon

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