Morning Habits That Ruin Your Sleep Cycle

Top view aged woman lying on bed suffers from insomnia

Photo: Getty Images

Americans are terrible about getting sleep and some daytime habits may be a big part of the problem. Yes, what we do during the day affects how we sleep at night. While we need about seven hours of sleep according to the CDC, we aren’t getting it.

Some experts say there are five things we’re doing that contribute to the problem. Fix these and we could be sleeping like babies!

  • Drinking too much caffeine. Caffeine is in our system six hours after we drink it
  • Waking up at totally different times of the day. It throws the rhythm off
  • Not making a to-do-list for the next day. You can’t worry about the next day if you have a to-do list
  • Not getting enough natural light. This also throws off your rhythm
  • Staying on the phone too long. Turn off devices two hours before bed…at least

Source: Huffington Post

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