Uber Tells Us The Most Common And Most Unusual Lost And Found Items

Uber car waiting for customer

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Ride-sharing service Uber has released their sixth annual "Lost and Found Index," revealing some of the most common -- and most unusual -- items left behind in drivers' vehicles. 

The Lost and Found Index, released Friday, revealed the most common items left behind in Uber vehicles during the past year were phones/cameras, wallets, keys, backpacks/purses, headphones/speakers, glasses, clothing, vaping devices, jewelry and IDs. 

Some of the most "unique" items reported lost by passengers included tater tots, a fingernail, "my grandma's teeth," 500 grams of caviar, a pizza costume, "a [expletive] painting of a moose," a Billie Eilish ukulele, an employee of the month plaque, a Bernie Sanders fanny pack, a crochet strawberry, a bucket of slime, a brown tortoise and a "ball gag and stethoscope." 

Uber said more than 40 riders lost their CPAP machines, more than 30 reported lost retainers and five people reported lost dentures.

Link: UPI

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