5 Cheap, Versatile Items You Should Have In Your Kitchen

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Everyone knows how food prices are continuing to rise – and are expected to continue that trend. In fact, the Consumer Price Index for food confirms prices in April 2022 were 9.4% higher than in April 2021. And this year? Between March and April, egg prices shot up 92%

Wanna save some money? “USA Today’s” Jennifer McClellan has put together a few things you can stock up on in your kitchen that you may have not thought of that can help save money on your grocery bill. They are:

  • Canned Chicken – This can be used in place of shredded chicken, but don’t use it in soups as it can disintegrate when boiled. It’s a good addition to a quesadilla or also excellent for chicken salad and you can try a baked sandwich with this recipe from Pillsbury.
  • Frozen Pork Shoulder – Pork prices are predicted to rise less than other meats and pork shoulder can be cooked in a pressure cooker, slow cooker or on the grill. It makes great pulled pork sandwiches and carnitas and here’s a recipe for basic pulled pork from Tastes Better From Scratch.
  • Rice – Rice never expires, is fairly cheap and a really versatile ingredient for rice and beans, Cuban rice with chicken, fried rice or this recipe for easy jambalaya with chicken and sausage.
  • Beans – Another cheap and easy ingredient that’s nutritious with vitamins and fiber. Canned beans are simple to cook with, but dry beans will save you even more money. White beans make a good stew and The Spruce Eats has this great recipe for a delicious black bean salad.
  • Frozen Vegetables – Despite what you might think, frozen veggies are just as nutritious as fresh and last for months. Plus, they can be prepared any number of ways including boiled or baked in the oven.

SourceUSA Today

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