Gisele Films Hubby Tom Brady In His New Line Of Undies

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Photo: Getty Images

When Tom Brady’s quarterback career comes to an end, his wife may be able to help him start a new career as an underwear model.  Gisele Bundchen posted a video of Tom showing off a pair of boxers from his new apparel line, Brady Brand.

On the Instagram Stories video, Gisele said “Somebody’s got new underwear!” while walking in on Tom in the bathroom; he looked up and smiled while she said “What is this? Let me see. Let me see your new underwear” while Tom blocked the camera with a hand towel.

The official Brady Brand Instagram account posted the video as well, announcing that the underwear line will launch on Thursday, and the comments from fans are worth a look. One tells Tom to “DROP AN ONLYFANS TOM,” while another says “Congrats Tom! You’re the second-best underwear model in the family.”

Source: Us Magazine

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