Skincare Expert Says - Avoid This Sleeping Position

Lamp illuminating sleeping Hispanic woman

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We all have our favorite sleeping positions, whether you’re a fan of the fetal position, one leg out of the covers or maybe you’re a stomach sleeper. But according to these experts you should always avoid sleeping on your side — it could be giving you wrinkles. The pros at Best Life explained that this sleeping position is the worst if you want to look youthful, since your face is pressed against the fabric of your pillow for prolonged periods of time. Beth Goldstein, MD said: “Sleeping on your side can lead to some wrinkling.” However, it’s “more obvious on more lax skin, which is why you’ll see it on an adult’s chest but rarely on a child’s,” According to Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD, who spoke to Allure. Simply put, when your face is smashed up against your pillow for hours at a time you face is more likely to crease in those same places. 

Link: The Sun

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