Finally, The Real Reason Why Grocery Stores Always Play Boring Music

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Just like in elevators, grocery stores are notorious for playing dull music. As it turns out, there’s actually a reason for their poor taste in tunes.

Matt Gresia, a money and shopping expert with over 3 million followers on TikTok, shared in a video the scientific explanation. According to Matt, grocery store music is “played intentionally to make you spend more money.” “The elevator music is purposely slower than the human heartbeat which literally gets you to relax and slow down. That makes you spend more time in the store and ultimately you’ll spend more money,” the expert said. So is he right? Yes, it was also found to be true in a 1982 study conducted by marketing professor Ronald E. Milliman. According to the study, slow music causes shoppers to move more leisurely, which, in turn, leads to them to shopping longer and buying more. In fact, Ronald found that a grocery store’s sales volume was 38% higher on days they played slow-tempo music. 

In a study by researchers Cain-Smith and Curnow, they found that loud music led to shoppers spending less time in a store.

Meanwhile, soft music had a calming effect on customers, which led to them shopping more slowly, and ultimately, buying more products. 

Link: New York Post

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