Cars Painted This Color Hold Their Value The Best

Auto painter painting a car inside a paint booth

Photo: Getty Images

Cars of certain colors can hold their value significantly better than others, according to a new report from the online marketplace. The study looked at the depreciation suffered by three-year-old cars that were recently sold, with the average being 15%. At the bottom of the list were brown cars, which saw a hit of 17.8% that represented $7,642. White, which automotive paint manufacturer Axalta says has been the most common color globally for the past 11 years, also came up short at 15.5% ($6,490), while popular silver cars were slightly better at 14.8% ($5,499). The top three were far more eye-catching. Purple was number three at 13.9% or $5,461 and orange number two at 10.7% or $3,825, but number one blew the rest away. Yellow vehicles saw a loss of just 4.5% of their value, or $3,155, which was 70% better than the industry average, in part because they account for less than 1% of vehicles sold.

Link: Fox News

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