Woman Wakes From Coma To Find Fiancé Ghosted Her

Sick female lying on bed in ICU during COVID-19

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What’s the right way to break things off with your fiancée who’s in a coma? Definitely not ghosting her and moving on with another woman before she wakes up, but that’s exactly what happened to a woman named Brie. She’s sharing videos on TikTok about her experience being in a coma and coming out of it to find out her partner of four years was nowhere to be found.

Brie reveals that she suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling off a 10-meter retaining wall and hitting her head on the concrete. She spent three months in a coma and lost her memory for a couple months afterwards. “I had post traumatic amnesia about three months after waking up from my coma,” she says in one clip. “I forgot things like my passcode, my address, just important things like that.” But when she started to remember things about her life, she reached out to her fiancé, who she had been with for four years, but she was in for a shock.

Not only did he never visit her in the hospital, he ghosted her entirely and was already seeing someone new. Brie says he blocked her on every single platform, including his phone. In fact, the only contact she did get was from his new girlfriend, who sent Brie a message saying she was insecure and made him block her. And she got all of this news while she was still recovering in the hospital. It’s been nearly two years since her accident and while she’s still hurt by her ex’s actions, she’s focusing on the positives, like that she was only given a 10% chance of survival and she beat those odds to recover.

Source: Independent

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