Teens Are Scoring Big Paychecks Thanks To The Job Market

Teen removing money from wallet

Photo: Getty Images

Teens are cashing in on the job market situation.

Across the country they are being offered huge salaries and big bonuses to take on open jobs that employers just can't fill.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor says the unemployment rate for teenagers is at the lowest level in nearly 70 years. Teens are in some cases getting double the hourly salary they earned just a year ago.

Some employers say they are hiring workers on the spot, and are enticing others with flexible hours and bonuses that can be as high as one-thousand-dollars.

Then there are the kids who are charging as much as $70 an hour because they can take advantage of the fact that adults aren’t working certain jobs. There are even teen groups to help find those big dollar jobs!

Source: New York Post

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