Dermatologists Weigh In On TikTok’s “Jello Skin” Beauty Trend

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Have you seen “jello skin” videos on TikTok? The term has been catching on since creator Glowwithava posted a clip of her facialist referring to her glowing, bouncy skin as having a good amount of collagen, making it similar to the texture of the old school gelatin dessert Jell-O.

Ava’s clip has more than a million views, and another TikToker, Rogerwh0, has also gone viral for a video showing some of the products he uses to get dewy “jello skin.” Both videos have helped the trend popular and have others asking how they can get their complexion like that. But what exactly is “jello skin?” Dermatologist Dr. Arash Akhavan explains that it refers to healthy-looking, plump skin that is firm and has “great elasticity that bounces back like Jell-O when touched” because there are high levels of collagen and elastin in the skin.

But what we really want to know is can we get skin like that? Dr. Akhavan, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kelly Killeen and multi-specialist Dr. Azza Halim say with healthy habits, including good skin care practices to increase collagen, everyone can strive to have jello skin.

  • Dr. Halim stresses the importance of internal wellbeing and she points out that what you put into your body with your diet directly impacts your skin’s health. She recommends vitamin A, C and E, and healthy fats, but says, “A successful transformation is not achieved overnight.” She also suggests a procedure to activate your collagen with PDO Threads, which uses dissolvable sutures to lift sagging skin.
  • Dr. Akhavan recommends retinol because it’s a vitamin A derivative that stimulates the production of more collagen. But he also cautions not to overdo it because “skin type is genetic, so having ‘jello skin’ might not be attainable for some.”
  • Spending money on lots of tools isn’t worth it, according to Dr. Killeen. She recommends, “Put your money in well-proven, medical-grade skin care.” She says facial rolling tools get a lot of attention, and while they can be great for lymphatic massage, they really work by creating swelling, so the effect is temporary, not creating a long-lasting jello skin look.

Source: Good Morning America

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