Women Share The Thing They Used To Be Insecure About, But Now Love

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A Reddit thread is reminding us that getting older often comes with the benefit of loving and accepting yourself, just as you are. It asks, “Women of Reddit, what is something that you were really insecure about when you were younger, but have grown to love about yourself?” The heartwarming replies will put a smile on your face and may even inspire you to embrace your uniqueness, too.

  • “My thick eyebrows and lips. I was called a cavewoman in elementary school but now it’s the beauty standard, so joke's on them.”
  • “My stomach. I've had a kid and I'm not the same size I was in my 20s but I love my belly. It's cute, chubby, round, and it's mine. Would I like to be smaller? Sure, but I've got other things to worry about.”
  • “I have a lot of moles all over my face. When I was younger I contemplated getting them laser removed. Then one day a makeup lady in Sephora told me she liked my ‘beauty marks.’ I was so stunned, but from then on I started appreciating my ‘beauty marks’ too.”
  • “Bunny teeth. Everyone used to tell me how ugly they are and mock me, but as I grew up I realized they’re sexy and I wouldn't want them any other way hehe”
  • “Small boobs. At first it sucked and felt like everyone else was going through puberty faster or ‘more’ than me. Then once we got to the other side and I’ve seen what a burden they can be for my friends while I can happily wear tops/dresses with open backs/plunging necklines/strapless … I’m so grateful now for my small chest”
  • “My big curly hair, people used to say that it was nappy or that it was unattractive. After natural hair became more mainstream I saw a lot more appreciation for textured hair and grew to love it in all its wild glory”
  • “My thick thighs. As a high school athlete, I didn't pay attention to them except to do their job. In college, I became aware of the ‘thigh gap’ thing and was always worried about it. Now I'm just fine with them!”
  • “My fair skin and red hair. I always wanted to be a tan, blonde, California-looking girl. But now I’ve come to realize that my natural coloring is striking, unique, and fits me better anyways.”

Source: Reddit

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