Kids Who Got “Married” In Preschool Are Doing It For Real Now


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Lots of couples have sweet stories about the way they met, but this one is pretty epic. A couple in the U.K., who first met at preschool and had a pretend wedding when they were four, are getting married for real next month.

Jess Peak and Joe Matthews actually met when they were just nine months old and grew up together at preschool. “They ate breakfast together every day,” Jess’ mom Michelle says, adding that the tots also went to the same birthday parties and had play dates together. They were such great friends, they even had a pretend wedding after Joe proposed and gave Jess a toy dolphin ring.

They grew apart when they went to different elementary schools and lost touch over the years, but they never forgot about each other. Joe eventually found Jess on Facebook and they reconnected 14 years after they said “I do” the first time. They hit it off, bonding over the fact they’re both teachers now and their shared past and quickly fell in love. The couple is set to walk down the aisle in July and become husband and wife, officially this time. “I feel like I’m in a fairy tale, and the closer the wedding gets it feels magical,” the bride-to-be says. “I wish everyone could have what we have.”

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Source: Metro

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