Americans Say Returns Are The Worst Part About Shopping

While a lot of Americans love to shop, there are some things about shopping that turn people off, and apparently the one thing people hate the most is having to return something they purchased.

A new survey finds:

  • 67% of Americans say they absolutely hate having to return something they purchased.
  • Two in three say it’s the worst part about shopping.
  • 58% of shoppers say they’d rather do “nearly anything” to not have to return a purchase.
  • 43% of people find returning things in person is worse than returning online items.
  • The worst part about in-person returns include:
    • Having the person in front of them escalate the situation (39%)
    • Getting managers involved in their returns (32%)
    • Having to travel to the store (32%).
  • Meanwhile 29% of people hate returning things online.
  • The worst part of online returns include:
    • Paying for shipping (42%)
    • Having the item lost or not arrive at its destination (39%)
    • Traveling to the post office (37%).
  • But no matter how much people hate returns, there are some items they feel are always worth returning.
  • Those items include:
    • Phones (38%)
    • Clothing (38%)
    • TVs (37%)
    • Computers (37%)
    • Clothing accessories (31%) 
  • Items not worth returning include:
    • Intimates (25%)
    • Groceries (25%)
    • Clothing accessories (24%)
    • Beverages (23%)
    • Phones (22%) 

Source: Slick Deals

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