Bride Demands Sister Give Her Wedding Dress She Didn’t Wear

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Most sisters will do almost anything for each other, but when one woman’s sister asked for her wedding dress, it caused a major family feud.

A woman shares on Reddit that she was supposed to get married last August, but her fiancé tragically died in a car accident a month before the wedding. Since then, the woman moved back in with her parents, and kept her wedding dress because of the sentimental value it holds.

Cut to now. Her sister is getting married later this year but is having a hard time paying for all that comes with planning a wedding. To save some costs, she asked her sister if she could wear the unworn wedding dress, which is where the trouble started. 

“I was shocked by her request but didn't react intensely I just politely declined," the woman writes. “I explained to them how this dress has personal attachment and value after they said the wedding didn't happen anyway and I didn't get to make memories in it which was hard to hear.” 

The bride and mom were certainly not happy with her answer, with the bride calling her sister “selfish” and “unsupportive.” Mom is firmly on the bride’s side, although the woman says dad is on hers, but she then asked Reddit whether she was in the wrong for turning down her sister’s request.

The post has since gone viral with more than 1,000 people responding, with pretty much everyone agreeing that the bride is in the wrong, not the woman.

“They basically gave you an ultimatum of the dress or them not even a year after losing your fiancé!, one person commented. “They absolutely won't be stopped by your 'no' and steal it! You should try to hide it at a friend's house until the wedding is over. Maybe even sometime longer."

“She DID create memories with her wedding dress: memories of going shopping for it, being excited to marry the love of her life, envisioning herself in it on her wedding day,” another noted, “those are ALL memories. Your mother and sister are so entitled."

Source: The Mirror

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