Cute or Disrespectful? Internet Divided After Toddler Flips Off Dad

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While some toddlers can be cute and sweet, others can be sassy with a lot of attitude, which is exactly the case with one toddler who’s gone viral for her hilarious reaction to her dad filming her when she got hurt.

The video shows four-year-old Nia Matangi hurting her knee during a family game of rugby in Queensland, Australia. Her dad Ilai is filming her, and at one point, as she’s crying, he tells her to “harden up.” She then snaps back “Harden up? Shut up!” and then stares down the camera and flips him the bird.

  • Dad obviously thought the whole thing was hysterical, because he can be heard cracking up. The video quickly amassed over six million views, with many agree with dad.
    • “She knows how to hold her own in any situation. Lmao at the finger salute!” one wrote, while another adds, “She’s hilarious…must have a lot of laughs with her!”
  • But not everyone thought her actions were funny. In fact, some thought they were “disrespectful.”
    • “Some kids these days don’t even have basic levels of respect it’s gross,” one person noted, while another added, “I would have been kicked into the next decade if I did that to my parents.”

Source: NY Post

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