Indecent Bikini Bottoms Spark Rage Online

Young handsome man wearing sunglasses over isolated background afraid and shocked with surprise expression, fear and excited face.

Photo: Getty Images

Online fashion retailer Fashion Nova has gotten attention for their latest bikini. The “Butterfly Babe Thong 2 Piece Bikini” has a perfectly fine top, but the bottom is another story. The barely there bottom features a diamante butterfly just above a rectangular strip of cloth that barely covers the lady parts. As you’d expect, the back is a thong.

It’s no surprise that the backlash was huge with some saying they’d get arrested for indecent exposure. Other comments included “What is with this style?!? May as well be naked” and one joking “LMFAO IMAGINE OUR FATHERS SEEING US IN THIS.” On the flip side, some actually liked it.

Fashion Nova hasn’t commented on the response yet. Luckily, the bikini only costs $11.99.

Source: New York Post

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