Wife Throws Boiling Water On Sleeping Husband

Boiling water in a stainless saucepan on a gas

Photo: Getty Images

A woman in Bolivia was recently arrested for throwing hot water on her sleeping husband’s genitals because he was allegedly dreaming of another woman.

It happened last week and according to the scorned wife, her husband was sleeping and allegedly declared his love to another woman in his sleep. She became enraged, went to the kitchen, boiled a pot of water, then threw it on his genital area. According to police sources, her husband was hospitalized with second-degree burns. We're not sure if he called the police or if it was his cries of pain that alerted the neighbors. We also hear that this isn't the first time this man had suffered abuse from his wife. In a previous fit of rage, the woman had reportedly doused him in alcohol and tried to set him on fire. 

Link: Oddity Central

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