New Employee Sparks Debate Over Interesting Looking First Day Brownies

While it’s always good to have a sense of humor at work, one employee displayed hers on the very first day of a new job, and the Internet is conflicted regarding how they feel about it.

A poster on Reddit recently shared a picture of the box of brownies a new employee brought in to break the ice on her first day on the job, and it’s sparked quite a reaction from fellow users. “New employee starting today brought 'brownies' in for everyone with this note,” read the post, with the note reading “Holy c**p, I'm so excited to work with you all! Thanks for having me!" The issue is that while the brownies may taste delicious, they were all shaped to look like turds. 

  • In just 24 hours the post reached over 88,400 upvotes and 3,740 comments, with many people having fun with the employee’s little pun in her note.
    • "Some gestures really show that you give a s**t,” one person commented, while another added, “looking for a new job is a lot of work...completely understandable that he's all pooped out.”
  • Others found the brownies amusing, even if they admit they’d be hesitant to try one.
    • “I appreciate the joke but they look too real and I could never eat one. They look... wet,” one person commented, while another added, "I'd be afraid that there's at least one real turd in there and you just have to play turd roulette for a brownie."
  • And while one person wondered if the new employee was “fired yet,” others had some things to say about the authenticity of the look.
    • “Needs more nuts in them... and corn,” one person commented, with another joking, "Honestly I'd have loved to see a piece or two of candy corn in these."

Source: Newsweek

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