“Sparkle Girl Walks” Are The New Big Trend

Father Daughter Sidewalk Stroll

Photo: Getty Images

Move over “hot girl walk,” the “sparkle girl walk” is taking over. During the peak of the pandemic, the hot girl walk was introduced by TikTok user @exactlylikeothergirls and it’s as simple as it sounds: stroll around the neighborhood while embracing your hottest, most confident self.

And the “sparkle girl walk” is a fresh take on the exercise trend that’s fun for all ages. The phrase was coined by nanny and TikToker @Emmashitlock in a video that’s since gone viral. It swaps the hot girl walk’s caffeinated beverages or music that pumps you up with a stroll filled with family-friendly chats and colorful clothing. The aimless walk around the neighborhood gives little ones the chance to show off their favorite outfit or accessory while getting a little exercise.

If your kids are glued to their screens all day and whine when you mention going outside to play, this could be the way to entice them to the fresh air, vitamin D and movement they’ve been missing. And don’t let the name fool you, sparkle girl walks are for anyone and everyone. TikTok videos posted by other parents and nannies show how much the sparkle girl walk trend is catching on and it makes sense because who doesn’t love a free, accessible and confidence-boosting exercise routine?

Source: She Knows

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