Easy Ways To Feel More Optimistic Right Now

Think positive

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Wish you looked on the bright side more? Turns out, you can become a “glass half full” type of person with a little practice. According to psychologist Deepika Chopra, optimism is a “muscle” that can be strengthened with regular use. And there are a lot of benefits to approaching life with an optimistic attitude. It can help you achieve goals, improve overall emotional wellness and even lead to better physical health.

“Optimistic people are sick less often,” explains Chopra, aka the Optimism Doctor. “They have better cardiovascular health. They live longer, they thrive longer.” But she stresses that being an optimist doesn’t mean being positive 24/7, pointing out that’s just not possible and that a true optimist is aware of the setbacks and roadblocks, but sees them as something temporary that they can overcome.

Ready to make your optimism muscle stronger? Chopra says these three things can make you feel more optimistic right away:

  • Make a “ta-da” list - Rather than only making a to-do list, which is full of tasks you haven’t done, try making a “ta-da” list of all the things you’ve accomplished in one day. She says it shows you how accomplished you are and gives you a sense of empowerment.
  • Tell people what they’re good at - We don’t always take the time to tell others what they’re good at, but making a point to sincerely tell people when they’re doing a great job can boost positivity for you and them.
  • Share a positive shoutout - Spend a few minutes sharing your gratitude with someone in your life by sending a text, email or letter, or better yet … tell them in person.

Source: Today

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