Folks Are Loving This “Messy Mama” For Being Real & Relatable

Mother of Girls

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Lots of people are happy to show off their perfect home and cleaning hacks on social media, but one mom in Georgia is going viral for the exact opposite - revealing her reality as a mother of four in a messy house. It started when Brianna James shared a video of her dining room and kitchen in a state of disarray, which racked up over five million views, and then she posted another video of her messy house that hadn’t been cleaned in four days and lots of people really seem to relate.

The messes have now become a kind of signature for James and she’s even changed her TikTok username to “the messy mama 4” to embrace her popularity. But why did this mama decide not to hide her messy home, but embrace it instead? The 31-year-old says she did it because she was trying to hide her real life and wanted to show the reality of what life is like for her and her family.

It was a big shift for James, who has anxiety and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She says she used to beat herself up for not making everything perfect, but now she’s trying to normalize the fact that even though she does clean her house, part of it always seems to still be messy. “I'm trying to be honest and real and show that it's okay to not get it all done,” James explains. “And it's okay to let some things go and focus on yourself and make yourself healthy.”

Source: Good Morning America

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