Thieves Who Stole Relic With Jesus’ Blood In It, Return It

Thief escaping

Photo: Getty Images

A two-thousand-year-old relic said to contain the blood of Jesus Christ has been returned by thieves who stole it.

The "Precious Blood of Christ" golden shrine was taken from a church in Normandy, France on June 2nd. Police believe the thieves stole the relic after locking themselves in the church overnight.

Arthur Brand, an art detective known as the “Dutch Indiana Jones” said he was contacted by the thieves anonymously three weeks ago. He says "When they realized what it was, that you in fact cannot sell it, they knew they had to get rid of it." There was also the rumor of a curse being attached to the relic, so that was a thing.

They left the relic on Arthur’s doorstep and he planned to hand it over to Dutch police this week. Arthur noted on Twitter "This is as close as one can get to Jesus Christ, The Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. As a Catholic myself and a huge Dan Brown fan, it doesn’t get any better …"

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