Multiple Shark Sightings On Long Island And Cape Cod Prompt Beach Closures

 Shark sightings are ramping up in two Northeast beach hot spots.

Over a dozen shark sightings off Cape Cod this weekend caused one beach to close and many tourists to avoid the water. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Sharktivity app, which tracks shark sightings, says most of the sightings were near Nauset Beach and Chatham Harbor with the predators being 50 years offshore.

At Long Island’s Lido Beach, a lifeguard called people out of the water after spotting a 5-to-7-foot-long shark about 25 yards offshore. That prompted both Lido and Jones Beach to close.

So far this month four people have been injured in suspected or confirmed shark encounters. The uptick in sightings is mainly due to Tiger sharks getting closer to shore than normal.

Source: CNN

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