Study Finds That Anyone Under 40 Shouldn’t Drink Any Alcohol

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When you’re in your twenties and thirties, going out for a drink or two is a common part of your social life, and while drinking too much isn’t good for anyone, a new study suggests that if you’re under 40, you should stop drinking altogether.

According to researchers from the Global Burden of Diseases, based out of University of Washington in Seattle, drinking when you are under 40 poses a whole lot of health risks, and no benefits at all. In fact, to avoid alcohol affecting your health, the study finds men under 40 shouldn’t drink more than 0.136 drinks a day, while women shouldn’t have more than 0.273 drinks.

Now for older people without underlying health conditions, the study notes that drinking alcohol can offer some benefits, like limiting risk of stroke, diabetes and ischemic heart disease. But you still can’t go on an all-out bender. Safe consumption for those 40 to 64 is between half a drink and two standard drinks, while those 65 and older will see health risks increase if they drank more than three drinks a day.

But regardless of the safe consumption amounts, authors of the study note that over 1.87 standard drinks a day really isn’t good, and health risks are increased with every drink someone consumes.

Source: Huffington Post

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