Couple Asks Guests To Spend Hundreds On Puppets For Their Wedding

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When it’s your wedding, you get to decide what you want to include, but that doesn’t mean everyone is going to like it. One couple is learning that the hard way after asking guests to buy and wear puppets - yep, that’s right - during the entire ceremony and reception. And as you can imagine, they got quite a few complaints about the idea.

The soon-to-be husband and wife first met during a college puppetry class, where they made puppets and discovered their shared love of puppetry. So when it came to their wedding, they wanted to incorporate puppets into their special day. They invited members of their troop of fellow puppeteers and even want the ceremony to be officiated by puppets, which they believe will “make for incredible pictures.”

But the couple also asked guests to bring a high-quality puppet to the wedding, in lieu of gifts, expecting them to spend from $150 to $500 on them and wear them the entire time at the ceremony and reception. And that’s when guests called out the quirky idea. In a since-deleted Reddit post, the groom explains that “a LOT of people are not happy,” including their families, and are complaining that the request is “completely unreasonable.” And most of the thousands of comments seem to be on the guests’ side here:

  • “I think it makes you kind of a bad person to demand that every guest spend at least $150 to attend your wedding,” writes one Redditor.
  • “Would their 80-year-old Aunt Margaret be steady enough on her feet to have one arm inside a puppet for the whole wedding and reception?,” asks another.
  • “They don’t want guests - they want the people they invite to provide entertainment for them,” shares a third. “Suddenly, all the guests have an expensive, exhausting, annoying job. An unwanted job they have to pay hundreds of dollars to do.”

Source: Mirror

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