Man Almost Ruins Proposal By Dropping Ring Into Horse Manure

Cow manure on a shovel

Photo: Getty Images

Lewis Paterson planned the perfect proposal to his love Nicola Bolton. Her favorite Disney classic is “Beauty and the Beast,” so he took her to the Chateau de Castelnaud, overlooking the Dordogne river in the south of France, dropped to one knee…and then dropped the ring. Into horse manure.

Instead of a tearful “YES!” and smiles, the couple spent the next several minutes on their hands and knees digging through the “pile of stable hay and horse s**t,” according to Lewis. The good news is that Nicola found her ring, said yes, and the happy couple is still laughing about it. “It was never going to go to plan with me at the wheel,” Lewis told the press.

Source: New York Post

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