Parents Share The Most Expensive Thing Their Kids Have Ruined

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Parents say kids are a blessing, but it turns out, those little blessings can also be pretty destructive. A Reddit thread asks parents, “What’s the most expensive thing your child has accidentally ruined?” And these responses will make you grateful it happened to someone else, not you!

  • “My dad, a realtor, once sold a house and a condo to a guy whose daughter had burned down their old house. The house was for the family, the condo was for the daughter. I asked my dad how it had happened and he said the guy just told him, ‘She's always been like that.’”
  • “The stereo in our minivan quit working. After some troubleshooting, we found 25 pennies shoved in the CD slot.”
  • “My eye. When she was six months old, she sat on my lap, playing with some toys. She suddenly got excited and flailed her arms up. Her fingernail dug deep into my eye. Three surgeries later, I can barely see out of that eye.”
  • “My kid broke my TV last week, and I'm currently searching for my Fitbit that he's hidden. He took it from the charger while I dared to cook him breakfast.”
  • “When I was a kid, my mother lost her diamond wedding ring. She was devastated. A decade later, while cleaning things up for a sale, we found it jammed in the toilet of my Barbie house.”
  • “When I was about 4 or 5, I destroyed our upstairs and downstairs bathrooms. I had this little blue bath toy whale, and I had told my mom that I wanted it to go to the ocean, so one night, I put the sink stopper and my little whale in the sink. We heard running water on the upstairs bathroom floor when we came home. The downstairs bathroom ceiling had collapsed, and a waterfall was coming from upstairs.”
  • “My sister destroyed not one but two blenders by leaving a spoon in before turning them on.”
  • “We had a 90 gallon saltwater tank with upwards of $3-thousand worth of coral and fish. I went to work a night shift, and my son unplugged everything for the night. My husband didn't notice. Everything was dead in the morning, and the house smelled lovely.”
  • “My kid blew the motor on a Ford Contour. I guess he thought the temp gauge was nothing to worry about”

Source: Reddit

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