Man Who Accidentally Threw Away $175M In Bitcoin Has A Plan To Find It

Portrait of robot dog sitting on wooden floor, 3d rendering

Photo: Getty Images

James Howells of Newport, just south of Wales, accidentally threw away a hard drive with 8k Bitcoin on it in 2013, which would now be worth around $175 million, and he wants to find it in the landfill where it wound up. He’s already secured the help of a data extraction team to help recover the data if it’s found, and now he’s adding robot dogs to his plan.

James wants to spend $11 million to excavate the landfill and sort through 110k pounds of trash to find the drive, with both humans and two of Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs doing the searching. So far, the local city council is against his plan, saying that digging up the landfill would carry “significant ecological risk.”

Source: New York Post

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