Who Are The Nicest . . . And The Rudest Celebrities?

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JoJo Siwa is spilling the beans on the nicest…and the rudest…celebrities in Hollywood. She shared her views in a TikTok video

Miley Cyrus was, in JoJo’s opinion, the nicest celebrity, with Zendaya listed as her crush. She called Elton John the coolest and SpongeBob SquarePants the one who did her dirty.

But the child star saved her harshest critique for Candace Cameron Bure. She said that the “Fuller House” star was the rudest celebrity she’s met. She didn’t elaborate on what any of the aforementioned did to earn their titles. You can see the clip below . . .

  • Candace didn’t directly respond to JoJo’s diss. Instead, she took to her IG Stories to share a Bible verse. “Trust The Lord always,” she posted along with a reference to Isaiah 26: 4, which reads, “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.”

Source: JoJo Siwa

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