Some Ways To Get Your 10K Daily Steps Without Going For A Walk

Feeling defeated by your 10-thousand daily step goal? If you wear a fitness tracker, you may feel pressure to hit that mark every day, but it can be daunting. Some people make it look easy, but even if you specifically go on a walk to add more steps, reaching the goal can be a challenge.

If you struggle to hit that 10-thousand step mark, these are some little ways to get moving to help you achieve that magic number … with no designated walk required.

  • Ditch the elevator - Taking the stairs instead of the elevator can definitely help add to your step count. And if you can find extra reasons to climb a flight of stairs, like using the bathroom on another floor of your office building, even better.
  • Walk and talk - When you’re on a phone call, get up and pace while you chat. And bonus points if you take it outside for vitamin D and fresh air, too.
  • Set a reminder - Have an alarm set to remind you to get up and move every hour. The stretch and movement will help boost productivity for work and walking away from your desk will also up your step count.
  • Standing desk - Whether you’re working from home or in the office, working standing up is good for your posture and you’re bound to get more steps in since you’re already on your feet.
  • Park further away - At work, the grocery store and every parking lot you visit, park in a spot further away to force yourself to get a few extra steps.
  • Housework - It’s not going to do itself, but when you tackle those chores, know that it’s giving you a mini workout and increasing your step count as well.
  • Shopping - On your Costco and Target runs, take the time to walk the aisles, rather than just grabbing the items on your list. All that window shopping will help you reach your step goal.
  • Dance it out - Play some feel-good music that gets you on your feet and have your own little dance party. It’ll give you a little cardio workout and send your step count skyrocketing.
  • Friendly competition - Rope your friends or coworkers into a challenge to see who can reach 10-thousand steps for the most days in a row or who gets the most steps in a week. If it gets you moving more, it’s a win-win.

Source: Metro

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