Back-To-School Shopping Costing Parents More This Year

While some parts of the country still have a few more weeks of summer to enjoy, a lot of kids in the U.S. are already headed back to school, which means parents have been dealing with back-to-school shopping. Well, with everything a little more expensive these days, it shouldn’t be a shock to hear parents are shelling out a lot more to get their kids ready for another school year.

A new report by finds:

  • 80% of parents say they’ll be spending more money getting their kids ready for school this year.
  • 45% of parents say they’ll spend at least $200 per child, up from 29% last year.
  • Plus, another 27% plan to spend more than $300 per child.
  • As for this year’s biggest expenses:
    • 48% of parents expect to spend more on clothing this year.
    • 31% will spend more on basic school supplies.
    • 21% will spend more on technology.
  • 56% of parents plan to head to actual stores to buy school supplies this year, while 44% will shop online.
  • As for how they plan to save money:
    • 59% will buy generic or store brand items.
    • 56% will comparison shop before purchasing anything.
    • 56% expect to reuse old supplies.
    • 31% will ask teachers what supplies are essential for the first month.
    • 28% will cut back on regular household expenses.


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