Doing This One Thing Can Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep

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If you include a shower in your bedtime routine it can help you sleep a little easier. At least that's according to one expert. Sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo, author of Bear, Lion, Wolf, said that the COVID pandemic caused the average person’s sleep to get worse, with people spending hundreds of dollars each year on supplements to try to improve their rest. “It’s a continuing spiral downwards – overall, anxiety and stress continue to rise, as does our incessant use of screens [phones etc] pre-bed,” Olivia says lack of sleep can greatly impact your quality of life. In the short-term, it could contribute to problems like lack of alertness, impaired memory, relationship stress, and an increased likelihood of getting into a car accident. In the long-term, it can cause health problems like obesity, depression, poor immune system function, low libido, and heart disease, according to Cleveland Clinic. So, I guess, take a shower at bedtime.

Link: New York Post

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