Surprising Study Shows Ice Cream Is Healthier Than Granola

You may want to rethink eating granola as a healthy snack.

A surprising study from Tufts University shows that ice cream is healthier than granola! The researchers looked at over eight thousand different foods and drinks over a three year period. They looked at 54 different attributes and using “cutting edge science” to rank them, giving them a score between 0 and 100, with 100 being the most healthy.

Spinach got a perfect score, while other veggies and fruits scored high as well. The shocker came when chocolate ice cream with nuts scored 35 points while a coconut and chocolate granola bar got just 15 points. And frozen yogurt, often thought of being a healthy alternative to ice cream, only scored 23.

It turns out granola bars are “mostly refined starch and sugar” an ice cream has protein and nutrients.

Another surprising result? An egg omelet scored 51, while Cheerios scored a 95. Oatmeal is at 75.

Tufts is calling the results a Food Compass and you can find out more here. Don’t be surprised to find out that what you thought about certain foods is completely turned upside down!

Source: New York Post

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