Common Home Decorations That Repel Men

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A relationship expert, Dana Kuritzkes, posted a video on TikTok that details her list of the most common man-repelling home decorations. 

They are:

Crystals: Dana doesn’t need a crystal ball to tell her some men are turned off by crystals.

Stuffed animals: While that stuffed toy that you loved when you were a kid might have “sentimental” value, they could be holding you back from finding more boyfriends. 

Dream catchers: In addition to keeping nightmares away, the popular bedroom adornment could also be scaring off potential mates. 

Snow globes: “Snow globes are sweet nostalgic items to collect when you were a child, “ said Dana. “But if you still held on to them as an adult it might be time for us to talk about your attachment issues.”

Curling irons left in the sink: Leaving a curling iron in your sink could make men recoil.

‘Live, laugh, love’ signs: Living, laughing, and loving might be a solo activity thanks to these popular bedroom signs.

Framed photos of yourself: Men have a few hang-ups about women who frame photos of themselves and hang them up on the wall.

Disney memorabilia: It’s a small world after all, and it could seem even smaller if your Disney collection is the only thing keeping you company. 

Link: New York Post

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