Those Who Listen To Music While Studying Have Higher GPAs

There are some students who like total quiet when it’s time to study, but based on a new survey, they may want to reconsider that in order to get better grades.

According to a new survey:

  • Folks who like to listen to music while studying are likely to have a better GPA.
  • In fact, 84% of those who play music while studying have a GPA over 3.2, compared to 78% who don’t listen to music.
  • In general, 49% of students say they listen to music while studying.
  • Another 60% insist they study better with music in the background.
  • 80% say they find music it therapeutic to listen to music while studying.
  • Another 75% say they are better able to absorb more information.
  • And 81% say it makes the learning process more enjoyable.
  • As for what they listen to while studying the best genres include:
    • Classical (31%)
    • R&B (28%)
    • Classic (28%)
    • Country (28%)
    • Rock (26%)
    • Old favorites (26%)
    • Gospel (25%)
    • Jazz (23%
    • Hip hop (22%)
    • Pop/Top 100 (21%)
    • Instrumental soundtracks (21%)
  • And it’s not just school where music can be beneficial.
  • Two in three Americans say they listen to music while working.
  • 89% say they feel more productive at work while listening to work.
  • Another 84% say listening to music on the job makes them look forward to working more. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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