TikTok Trend Inspiring Women To Wear Pigtails

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Some women are finding the way they do their hair at work can affect the tips they bring home. Servers, dancers and others who work in the service industry are taking part in a social experiment to see if wearing their hair in pigtails on the job leads to bigger tips from male customers. And it seems to be working.

The “pigtails experiment” first started on TikTok after a server named Grace posted that she made more in tips when wearing her hair in that style. She doesn't call it an experiment in the video, but she does point out that when she wears pigtails, she makes “double the amount of tips” than usual. Another server taking part and sharing the results of the experiment on TikTok is Lisa Stirling, who’s video has racked up 4.2-million views. Before she started sporting the pigtails, she said she averaged 12.5% of her sales in tips, afterwards, that percentage shot up to 16.7%. She says if changing her hair is going to affect her tips in a positive way, she’s “going to give it a shot.”

The hairstyle is also bringing in more money for Veronica Portillo, who works as a dancer at a strip club in Tennessee. “As soon as I put on those braids, I’m telling you, something just clicked with these men, and they started throwing me money,” the 20-year-old shares. She says on a slower Sunday night at the club, she can make as little as $100, but pigtails have changed the game. In one of her TikTok videos about wearing pigtails at work, she says she walked away on a slow night with $678 thanks to her hair. She now plans to add hair bows and try other types of pigtails to see if they help her bring in even bigger tips.

Source: NBC News

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