Meghan Markle Takes Aim At Royal Family In Latest Interview

Meghan Markle isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to the royal family. In “The Cut” cover story that came out on Monday, Markle says she hated having to share family photos with the same British media outlets whose readers called her children “the N-word.”

It’s not the first time Markle has called out the racist media coverage that drove her and Prince Harry away from the royal family and off social media. She says they never had control of the @KensingtonRoyals account they shared with Prince William and Kate Middleton and gave up their @Sussexroyal account when they left the royalty behind, but Markle did tease a return to Instagram in the future.

While Meghan’s interview with “The Cut” was being published, it was announced that Prince Charles is celebrating the black community in Britain by editing the 40th-anniversary edition of “The Voice,” a paper that serves the African-Caribbean community in the UKLester Holloway, editor of “The Voice,” said in the announcement that “Our readers may be surprised at the parallels between the issues which ‘The Voice’ has campaigned on for four decades and the work the Prince of Wales has been involved in.”

The 40th-anniversary edition of “The Voice” hits newsstands on Thursday.

Source: The Cut

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