Parents Slammed For Naming Baby Girl After A Weapon

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Deciding on a name for your baby is serious business and some parents are protective over the name they’re considering because they don’t want to hear any complaints or teasing about it from friends and family. But one couple decided to share the name they’re going to give their baby girl and it turns out, not everyone loves it as much as they do.

In fact, the text exchange between the parents and a loved one was shared to a Facebook group called “That’s it, I’m bored and shaming everything.” And people there did exactly what the group does. A screenshot of the texts shows it said:

  • A loved one asks the parent-to-be, “Have you picked out any names?”
  • “I’m pretty sure we are naming her Reighfyl,” the mom or dad responds. “Pronounced like ‘rifle.’”
  • The loved one’s one-word response says it all: “Oh.”

And when the Facebook shamers got a hold of it, they ripped the name and the parents:

  • “You can’t put ‘eigh’ onto just any name and call it good,” one critic writes.
  • “That name is a ‘Tragedeigh,’” another shares.
  • “Kindergarten is going to be so hard for that little baby,” someone else sympathizes.
  • “I’m okay with an unusual name,” another group member writes, “BUT rifle isn’t great already.”
  • And one commenter shares their strategy for reacting with grace when they meet a child with a unique name, writing, “Me when I hear a ridiculous child’s name and I need to know more about it without sounding too much like an a**: “Oh wow, is that a family name?”

Source: The Sun

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