Ashley Judd Gets Real About Discovering Mom Naomi & Fighting For Privacy

Ashley Judd is recalling her grief in finding her mother Naomi Judd after her suicide this past April. The actress writes in an essay for “The New York Times” that when she discovered her mother she was still alive, noting, “The trauma of discovering and then holding her laboring body haunts my nights.”

But instead of being able to comfort her, she found herself being questioned by police. “I wanted to be comforting her, telling her how she was about to see her daddy and younger brother as she ‘went away home,’ as we say in Appalachia,” she writes, “Instead, without it being indicated I had any choices about when, where and how to participate, I began a series of interviews that felt mandatory and imposed on me that drew me away from the precious end of my mother’s life.” 

What’s worse, she says the men doing the questioning “left us feeling stripped of any sensitive boundary, interrogated and, in my case, as if I was a possible suspect in my mother’s suicide.” 

  • Ashley and the family are now fighting to protect their privacy after details of the death, as well as videos and more have been released to the public. “I don’t know that we’ll be able to get the privacy we deserve…I do know that we’re not alone,” she shares, mentioning Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa, adding, “people should never have to share their wounds with the public before they are ready — if ever.”

Source: New York Times

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