Tired Of Apps, Woman Gives Out “Dating Resumes” To Men

Female using a dating app on smart phone

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Meeting new people to date can be really challenging, which is one reason so many singles rely on dating apps to find potential love matches. But after a while, all that swiping can feel like a waste of time, which is where Emily Zgoda recently found herself. Tired of scrolling on Hinge, the 27-year-old came up with a new way to connect with men she may want to go out with.

The idea came to Emily during her most recent birthday party, when her roommate decorated their apartment with photos of their favorite memories and while staring at a picture of herself, it hit her. She decided to use those pics as a kind of business card - or “dating resume” - to help her find a fella. She used a Sharpie to write on the back of her favorite pics, listing her hobbies, skills, simple pleasures and fun prompts.

Then she started passing out these dating resumes to guys at various locations, including Trader Joe’s, Costco, car washes, and outside the men’s restroom at sporting events. Emily has been posting videos to TikTok showing her in action giving the resumes away and now millions of viewers are following along and rooting for her. She says most guys have been receptive, or at least flattered and most of them have followed up with a text. “I have always had hopes of meeting someone in person,” she says. “I figured this would be a good strategy to cut to the chase and meet someone in the wild.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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