Wedding Planners Reveal What They Wouldn’t Have At Their Own Weddings

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Wedding planners have seen just about everything when it comes to ceremonies and events, which gives them a unique perspective. Their job isn’t to judge, but to give their clients what they want, even if it’s not something they like personally. The insider knowledge they pick up on the job helps wedding planners know that they’d want to include in their own weddings as well as the things they’d never have.

These are things real life wedding planners say they’d never include in their ceremony or reception:

  • Food trucks - Wedding planner Lindsey Nickel would take a hard pass on these at her wedding because she says, “The reality is that food trucks aren’t capable of feeding a lot of people at once, which means you end up with a long line of hungry guests.”
  • Flower petals on the aisle - While they look pretty, wedding planner Andrea Adelstein says flower petals are actually very slippery and expensive, plus they’re “ruined” by the time people walk down the aisle.
  • Cash bars - Some wedding planners, like Hovik Harutyunyan, would never have guests pay for food or drinks at a wedding. “I would never have a guest to my home and charge them for a glass of wine,” he says, “and the same basic rule of hospitality applies to weddings.”
  • Sparklers - They’re used by some couples to create a memorable exit from their reception, but sparklers come with safety risks. Nickel points out that while they look cool, they can “start grass fires, burn hair, or even worse.”
  • Fancy seating charts - These can make last-minute changes tough to accommodate.
  • Mason jars - They had a moment, but it was in the early 2010s and their trendiness is now over.
  • Gift requests - More couples are making specific gift requests these days, like “no box gifts” or “cash gifts only,” but some planners think that’s tacky and just plain rude.

Source: Insider

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