Man Wins Big Lottery Prize After Wife Sent Him To The Store

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Preston Maki is 46-years-old and is from Marquette, Michigan. Well, he found himself being sent to the store by his wife so he decided to buy a lottery ticket while he was there. It won $190,736!

Preston told Michigan Lottery officials that he wouldn't have bought his Fantasy 5 ticket if it hadn't been for a message from his wife. "I was finishing up my day at work when my wife sent me a text message asking me to make a stop for groceries on my way home," Preston said. "I usually don't play Fantasy 5 unless the jackpot is more than $200,000, but I saw it was close and decided to buy five easy picks." He checked the ticket the next day and realized he won the $190,736 jackpot. He said he plans to share his winnings with family and make some investments.

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