Over 60% Of Americans Believe They’ve Had A Paranormal Experience

While Halloween is all about spooks and scares, there are plenty of people who have had spooky experiences that don’t involve the holiday at all. In fact, a new survey set out to discover just how many people believe they’ve experienced paranormal encounters, and you may be surprised by the results.

A new YouGov poll finds:

  • 67% of Americans believe they’ve had some sort of paranormal experiences.
  • The most common paranormal experiences people have had include:
    • Feeling a presence or unknown energy (37%)
    • Hearing an unexplained sound or music (33%)
    • Smelling an unexplained odor (30%)
    • Hearing the voice of someone who wasn’t there (29%)
    • Feeling an unexplained change in temperature (28%)
    • Seeing lights or other devices turn on or off without explanation (25%)
    • Seeing an object move without explanation (22%)
    • Seeing unexplained orbs of light (22%)
    • Seeing a spirit or ghost (19%)
    • Seeing an angel (13%)
  • So, what do people really think about these paranormal encounters?
  • Well, people who believe they’ve experienced one have differing opinions as to the cause.
  • 35% are likely to say they are otherworldly or supernatural.
  • 29% think there is a scientific explanation that they don’t know about.
  • 36% aren’t sure about the cause.

For those who believe they’ve seen a spirit or ghost…

  • 29% say the identity of the spirit or ghost is someone they knew, like a family member.
  • 28% say it wasn’t someone they knew.
  • 28% believe they’ve seen both types.
  • 75% who have encountered a spirit or ghost say it’s happened at least twice.
  • 32% believe it’s happened five times or more.
  • 40% believe the spirits or ghosts they’ve encountered were only good ones.
  • 7% insist they were evil, and 17% say they were neutral.
  • 25% say they’ve encountered a mixture of both.

Source: YouGov

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