The Top 20 Things You Need To Experience Before Turning 40

Having a stable job and conquering a fear are just some of the things Americans say everyone should experience before they turn 40, according to a new survey. It asked 2-thousand adults to name the top things people should do by the time they hit the big 4-0, as well as what younger and older generations hope to have in their futures.

The survey finds that 83% of respondents have been planning for their futures and 73% are optimistic about what will happen in their lives. Looking ahead to a decade from now:

  • Gen Zers (those between 18 and 25) see themselves getting a promotion or raise and starting a family (both 19%).
  • Millennials (ages 26 to 41) say they picture themselves owning a business (28%), and a home (23%), along with growing their families (19%) and getting a better job (16%).
  • Gen X respondents (ages 42 to 57) want to focus on becoming healthier (21%) and traveling with the person they love (19%).
  • And for baby boomers (ages 58 to 76), almost half (45%) plan to put their health first in their later years and they also look forward to traveling with a loved one (19%).

The top 20 things people should experience before turning 40, according to the survey:

  1. Have a stable job (29%)
  2. Own a car (28%)
  3. Go to the doctor more often to take care of your health (26%)
  4. Travel with a person you love (26%)
  5. Own a home (26%)
  6. Start a family (25%)
  7. Learn to cook/bake well (23%)
  8. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital or senior citizen’s home (22%)
  9. Donate to charity (21%)
  10. Start a hobby (20%)
  11. Conquer a fear (e.g. public speaking) (20%)
  12. Own a business (19%)
  13. See the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square in person (18%)
  14. Go through a break-up (16%)
  15. Go on a solo date (16%)
  16. Learn at least one new language (16%)
  17. Ride a roller coaster (15%)
  18. Watch movies like “This is 40” for laughs (15%)
  19. Write a letter to yourself (14%)
  20. Have a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower (14%)

Source: NY Post

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