Survey Says: Majority Of Americans Would Ask Santa For Better Sleep

What do Americans want for the holidays this year? Topping the list for two out of three is a decent night of sleep, according to new research. A survey of 2-thousand adults finds that the winter holiday season is the busiest time of year for 62%, and many of them struggle to get the sleep they need. That’s probably why two in three respondents say if they could ask Santa for anything, it would be better sleep.

The poll also reveals:

  • The biggest things keeping people from a good night’s sleep during the holidays include cooking and preparing meals (36%), shopping stress (34%), financial stress (34%) and having family over (30%).
  • Traveling can add to the sleep troubles, as 55% say they don't get quality sleep if they’re not in their own bed.
  • In order to tackle all their to-dos, seven in 10 respondents force themselves to stay up later at night and 58% say they wake up earlier in the mornings for the same reason.
  • The most sleepless nights of the holiday season are Christmas Eve (43%), New Year’s Eve (38%), Christmas Day (35%), Thanksgiving (26%) and Black Friday (47%).
  • Just over a third (37%) say it’s easier to sleep the night after a major holiday, but on average, those polled say they don’t sleep soundly until three days after the holiday season ends.
  • The best nights for sleeping during the holiday season are the night after Thanksgiving (27%), Christmas Day (26%) and New Year’s Day (18%).

For respondents who celebrate Christmas:

  • 67% say they’re likely to stay up late with family on Christmas Eve.
  • Three in four say they’re actually the last one to go to bed on Christmas Eve, making sure everyone else is tucked in when they do go to sleep.
  • Over half (52%) of parents say their kids still believe in Santa and 62% of those kids insist on staying up late on Christmas Eve to see if they can catch St. Nick in the act.

Holiday tasks people stay up late to finish include:

  • Wrapping presents - 37%
  • Cooking/preparing holiday meals - 28%
  • Watching holiday movies - 27%
  • Shopping - 25%
  • Chatting with family/friends - 21%

Source: SWNS Digital

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