Ridiculously Overpriced Things People Still Buy

Sometimes, when the price goes up on something, it’s enough to get people to stop buying it. But there are some items that are insanely overpriced, but still incredibly popular and a new Reddit thread focuses on those. It asks, “What is so ridiculously overpriced, yet you still buy?”

More than 22-thousand responses have poured in so far and these are some of the best:

  1. “Kerrygold butter”
  2. “Glasses - I could always buy cheap ones, but I’d rather pay money to have nice frames that I actually like wearing rather than a pair I couldn’t care less about.”
  3. “Health insurance/ medical supplies”
  4. “Right now? Cars, at least in my area”
  5. “Concessions at sporting events”
  6. “Lettuce”
  7. “Rent”
  8. “F-ing toilet paper”
  9. “Razor refills”
  10. “Concert tickets”
  11. “Flying business class”
  12. “Therapy. It’s definitely overpriced for my budget but still worth every penny.”
  13. “Ubereats fees”
  14. “Coffee”
  15. “Gluten-free bread”
  16. “Alcohol”
  17. “Education”
  18. “The only correct answer is Lego”

Source: Reddit

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